A beautifully designed app for businesses and customers to connect better.


Centralize all your existing customer touch points, including social media, web pages an store in your Kanova group.


Leverage multiple communications tools including Walls, Chats, Update & Notifications to keep in touch with your customers.


Draw from our library of rich features to customize your group experience without any complicated integrations.

Kanova allows group owners to manage and all their activities in one place

Build your group and easily integrate our unique features.

We want to be one of the few apps on your phone

We specialize working with the following businesses

/ hotels and airbnbs

See how our clients provide trusted and exclusive recommendations on where to eat, drink, play, and experience unique culture.

/ organizations

Organizations consolidate their WhatsApp and Facebook groups, centralize communications to provide value to their members.

/ businesses

Businesses on Kanova make their communications efficient in a beautiful and seamless way improving sales and digital storefront accessibility.

/ companies

Employees participate in fun and motivational activities while building community across the company. Rally around individuals facing hardship or highlight your organization’s diversity and individual talents.

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