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A customizable, secure app that drives employee engagement and improves retention.

A survey from McKinsey found that more than half of employees who quit their jobs didn’t feel a sense of belonging with their employer. Employees want to feel connected to their colleagues and Kanova will enable social cohesion at your organization. 

Organizational Benefits 


Avoid building an expensive, labor-intensive app

Our standalone app allows companies to securely build groups around purpose, interests, activities, while linking to the Kanova universe of partners such as coffee shops, hotels, workspaces, restaurants and more.



Set up single or multiple events organized by themes or interests. Track employee participation, offer rewards, and build community amongst your company regardless of business function and location.


Fully customized group pages

However great or intimate your network, we’ll help you build a beautiful, tailored group to serve your diverse organizational and member needs. Activate features, such as social media walls, chat boxes, fundraising tech, member profiles – with simple toggles and based on need.

Secure and private groups

Kanova groups are completely private with multiple level of access controls, including QR access and individual approval requirements. Groups are only visible to admins and invited members ensuring that your business is fully protected.

No Tech Skills Needed

It takes minutes to set up your Kanova group, integrate your existing content, and set up events. Follow simple do-it-yourself instructions or work with our team to create your group page.

User-friendly group & content manager

Use our wizard to create one or many groups and publish them when you are happy with it.

QR access

Employees scan a QR code to access a wealth of information, including company updates and activities.

Seamless communications

Walls and chats allow for communications amongst participants to foster cohesion and community.

Group organization

Create one or multiple interest groups and link them so that participants can join the ones they care about.

Our delightful, easy-to-use features


Member Profiles

Personal members pages so like-minded individuals in your group can connect and collaborate.



Post photos, videos, docs, communicate and collaborate as a group while building community.


Support local causes

Raise funds for causes and members your organization cares about leveraging our fundraising tech.


Privacy Controls

Complete control over group access, fully controlled by group admins protecting business integrity.


Interest groups

Create groups around interests, such as running, music or food to bring everyone closer together.


Feature Development

Missing in-app features? Our award-winning team will custom develop them for you in no time.


Admin Updates

Alert your group about important happenings and ensure that information is not lost in email clutter.


Global Community

Be part of a global network including hotels, coworking spaces, restaurants and more for preferential treatment.


Zoom & Google Hangouts

Embed your preferred meeting platforms and meet online, socialize and work together.


Event Organizer

Promote and schedule one-time or recurring events, and track sign-ups. Reward participation.


Favorite lists

Employees can share favorites around anything - bars, books, movies, restaurants - leveraging our powerful recommendations tech.


Embed Webpages and Social Media

Embed social media pages or and any other web pages into your group minutes.

How Companies are using Kanova.


One of Canada’s largest companies leveraged Kanova to set up groups around numerous social corporate responsibility and employee engagement projects, raising substantial money for charities while building community and driving internal engagement.

Purolator Got Talent

Purolator’s Got Talent celebrate the many talents of our diverse workforce while helping contribute to the efforts of our Purolator Tackle Hunger program.  Designed to bring employees together in a fun, interactive way, this event showcases willing Purolator International employees displaying their performance skills and encouraging other employees to show their support through donations. PGT is designed to strengthens relationships, encourage communication, and demonstrate the spirit and energy of Purolator International. 

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