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A powerful app that improves your ratings, personalizes the guest experience and helps you exceed their expectations.

Toss the old school brochures and paper notes. Kanova will give your guests trusted recommendations on where to eat, drink, play, and experience your city like a local.

Give your guests a five star experience


Beautiful experiences curated by local experts

Help guests experience the best your city has to offer with our hand-picked recommendations. 


Save time

Kanova saves you valuable time and showcases your passion to host by answering the most commonly asked question:

“So where can we go for a bite to eat, drink, or get a good coffee?”


Prevent negative reviews

Leverage our surveys to ensure that your guests are having the best stay, and address shortcoming before they escalate and turn into bad online reviews.


Distinguish yourself from the competition

The rental market is more competitive than ever. Kanova will let you stand out to potential guests. 

No Tech Skills Needed

We will set up the complete guest experience for you, and keep it fresh. Our travel experts source up-to-date information about what’s hot, hidden, and worthwhile so that your visitors can have an amazing time.

Social Media, Menus and Curations

All information assembled in one place, meticulously organized by vibe and taste. Guests will explore and immerse themselves like a local.

Reservations & Delivery

Your guests can book a table directly at one of our vetted restaurants, or order a meal home for a cozy night in.

Embed Content, Guest Surveys & Chats

Add your own content, including prosperity listings, web pages and social media. And use one of our guest surveys or in-app messengers to check up on your guest.

Maps & Directions

Reduce Covid-19 touch points and eliminate outdated paper maps. Our digital maps guide guests to restaurants, bars and attractions.

Don’t take our word for it.

Here is what guests are saying about Kanova:

“Found a beautiful app called Kanova in my Airbnb with a nice welcome message from the owner. Wow. So many hidden gems I would have never found.”

Luis G. 31, Lisbon

“LOVE IT. Finally a useful app on my phone.”

Matt C. 34, London

“Tired of tourist traps and wasting time on research. Found Kanova – such a cool app and no spam. Bye Google Reviews and Tripadvisor. It’s like a having a local friend in my pocket”

Anna B., 48; Berlin


Try Kanova for one month totally free. After that, it’s only $10 per month (that’s $0.33 a night). 

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