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A powerful app for hotel managers and concierges to share local experiences with guests

Toss the brochures, paper maps, and tourist traps. Provide trusted and exclusive recommendations on where to eat, drink, play, and experience unique culture. Steer visitors to local, hidden spots using our Geolocator. Distinguish yourself from the old-school competition.

Guest Benefits


Beautiful experiences curated by local experts

Experience a destination like an enlightened local. Access recommendations prior to arrival and plan special days in advance.


Create favorite lists to share with friends and family

Capture experiences and develop content to share when the trip is over – all through the Kanova app


Direct communication

Communicate directly inside the app with the front desk, concierge and Airbnb hosts while you’re out and about and need a reservation, directions, or whatever!


Smooth arrival

Guests scan a QR or numeric group code prior to their arrival, or during check-in to find a wealth of information and recommendations to maximize their time in each beautiful locale.

No Tech Skills Needed

It takes minutes to set up your establishment or home (your Kanova “group”). Follow simple do-it-yourself instructions or work with Kanova’s global content team to create your group page, lists, and more. We source up-to-date information from leading local travel experts who have a pulse on what’s hot, hidden and worthwhile.

User friendly group & content manager

Use our wizard to create a group page and publish it when you’re happy with it.

Share lists with guests

Share content via a QR code or PIN code. Distribute the content via email, social channels or WhatsApp.

Add existing content

Don’t forget about your Instagram or Facebook pages! Embed existing channels so all your information is in one location.

Contactless maps and curated directions

Reduce Covid-19 touch points and eliminate outdated paper maps. Our digital maps guide guests to restaurants, bars and attractions.

Our Suite of Customizable Features


Favorite Lists

Create top ten lists & recommend restaurants, activities & neighborhood gems for your guests. Guests may comment and provide their own feedback.


Vital Information

Display vital information such as geolocation, emergency contacts, nearby hospitals, pharmacies, and more. Guests can access critical info in a moment.


Community Wall

Encourage your guests to post tips, photos and comments to show off your property. Guests can ask group questions, and share praise and memories.


Embed Pages

Embed social media channels or any published web page to provide additional content such as menus, spa bookings, transportation, and activities.


Customized Experience

Gather guest information such as travel details, room preferences, and interests to customize itineraries and organize seamless arrivals.


Content Management

Leverage Kanova’s world-class team of experienced, local content creators to develop, publish and maintain recommendation lists.



Create a digital calendar of cultural events such as concerts, gallery openings and festivals. Promote your own event too with Kanova’s RSVP function.



Communicate with the hotel, concierge and hosts directly inside the app to make difficult reservations or help with last minute requests.


Feature Development

Missing technical or in-app features? Our award-winning team will custom develop them for you in no time.



Set up personal profile pages for key managers and hosts that display their background, passions and hobbies, and favorite local recommendations.


Group Admins

Add several group admins so your team members can personally contribute content, providing the best guest experience from more than one angle.


Existing Software

Kanova complements your current loyalty, communications and booking apps. Our mission is to augment your guest's local experience not replace existing technology.

How Our Customers Are Using Kanova

The Ivy Luxury Hotel
Lisbon, Portugal

Personalized Experiences

The Ivy is rapidly developing into one of the worlds leading hotels. The hotel prides itself on the personal touch that the hotel staff brings to each guest. 

Guests are provided with Ivy’s content and info before their arrival, and can articulate special requests such as room preference, airport transfers and dietary requirements – all through the Kanova app.

Modernising Concierge Services

Each staff member is a local of Lisbon and has experienced and explored the citys culinary and cultural wealth. Using the Kanova app, concierge and managers share curated ‘favorite lists,’ and respond to booking and reservation requests with the apps chat feature.

Maria B., Airbnb Owner
Tulum, Mexico

Seamless Onboarding

Maria owns six Airbnb apartments in Tulum, Mexico. She loves hosting guests and sharing insight on her beloved home and destination. Her homes are decorated with handmade items reflecting Mexicos rich culture. Maria is also an avid foodie, Mezcal collector, and surfer.

Given the richness and depth of Mexican cuisine, guests are always asking for restaurant and nightlife recommendations. She currently keeps her go-to lists on Excel which requires her to share lists with each guest, often multiple times per week over email, text and WhatsApp.

Live like a Local

Maria has no efficient way to update and organize her recommendations. She also wishes guests could add add their own comments, likes and dislikes – to build community amongst her patrons.

Maria now emails guests a QR code before their arrival – giving them access to her favorite lists so they have the opportunity to curate their own experiences from expert tips. Her Aribnb ratings have jumped to consistent 5-stars, and her number one feedback is how guests adore the local recommendations.

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