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An impactful consumer-facing app for boutiques and specialty stores, small retailers, cafes and restaurants to build lasting customer relationships.

70% of marketing emails land in spam folders, are lost in social media clutter or go unread. We make your communications efficient in a beautiful and seamless way, fostering improved sales, digital storefront accessibility, customer growth and retention.

Business Benefits


Leverage our powerful technology & be part of our global ecosystem

Join our family of hotels, airbnb, business, hospitality and coworking partners around the globe.


One central place for all your business information

Embed your existing social media channels, storefront and web pages into your Kanova group so that customers have access to your vital business information, all in one central place.


Avoid building another, pricey app

Customers already have too many apps + they are costly to build and even more expensive to maintain.


Fully customized group pages

However great or small your business, we’ll help you build a beautiful, tailored group to serve all of your needs.

No Tech Skills Needed

It takes minutes to set up your Kanova group, integrate your existing content, and set up events. Follow simple do-it-yourself instructions or work with our team to create your group page.

User friendly group & content manager

Use our feature and content wizard to create a group page and publish it when you are happy with it.

In store QR display

Customers scan a QR code in your store to access a wealth of information, including your social media channels, webpage and store front.

Seamless communications

Connect with your customers through our chat box, and notify VIPs about special events and sales.

Multi-channel integration

Embed your storefront and social media channels into your group so all your content is available in one central digital location.

Kanova has a suite of delightful features and functions that you can easily add


Business Updates

Alert customers about important announcements and happenings such as virtual or in-store events.


Store Favorites

Share recommendations and reviews of your favorite spots, such as restaurants and hotels.


Embed Webpages and Social Media

Embed your social media, storefronts and any relevant web pages into your group in minutes.


Sales & Events

Promote your sales. Organize community events, sell tickets, and track sign-ups.



Use our fundraising technology to support local causes that you care about and involve your customers.


Feature Development

Missing app features? Our award-winning team will custom develop them for you in no time.


Community Wall

Post product photos and videos! Encourage customers to add their own, ask questions and share praise.


Build Community

Allow your customers to meet each other through community & store events.


Global Community

Join Kanova’s global network of hotels, airbnbs, restaurants and boutiques, and connect to new customers around the world.


VIP Groups

Set up special in-app groups for your most valued customers, and give them preferential treatment.



Create, feature and share recommendation lists for partner businesses in your community.


Staff Profiles

Create team profile pages so that your customers can get to know them for improved loyalty.

How Our Customers Are Using Kanova

The Bean Coffee Shop

The Bean prides itself on single origin modern coffee, decadent baked goods, and its role as a local hangout. Nearly the whole town frequents the shop for pick-me-ups, a place to read, or to listen to local singer songwriters. The Bean desired a way to keep their community informed and engaged – without posting flyers – and to cut down the wait time. So, The Bean created a private Kanova group to promote events, share updates & news, daily specials, and allow customers to order ahead of time. Customers joined the group in seconds via the QR code on the counter, set up member profiles, and even interacted within the group.

Restaurant, bar & food truck

Lobster Roll LLC (comprised of two brick-and-mortar restaurants, one food truck, and a busy catering business) became successful and sought after among locals and tourists alike. The customers loved the food but were annoyed with inefficiency. Hearing their customers’ pleas, Lobster Roll LLC created an all-in-one public Kanova group. They offer online ordering, incorporated a geolocator for fans to locate the lobster roll truck, and they share their Instagram & Twitter pages all within the group. Additionally, Lobster Roll LLC created a fundraiser in the group, securing donations for employees’ families impacted by Covid-19.

Running store & network

Run the World is more than a shoe store. It’s a network of runners that walk, jog and race together, and form friendships beyond their runs. Kanova helped Run the World solidify their network by setting up a Kanova group. They invited all users in the store to scan the group’s QR code and invited their contact list via email. In addition to selling their shoes and apparel in the group, Run the World lists two to three runs in the group, and an occasional social activity. Their network expanded in size, their members became closer, and consequently, the store achieved brand loyalty.

Join our family of hotels, airbnb, business, hospitality and coworking partners around the globe.
Access new customers aligned with your brand from around the world.

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