/for coworking groups and membership organizations

A powerful app for organizations with members including coworkers, remote collaborators, alumni networks, and special interest clubs.

Consolidate your WhatsApp and Facebook groups, toss your excel lists, and centralize your communications to foster community, make progress, and provide value to your members. Build invite-only and secure groups – free from ads.

Organizational Benefits 


Avoid building an expensive, labor-intensive app

Business apps are costly to develop and maintain. Customers are overwhelmed with too many apps. Join our global ecosystem of hotels, airbnbs, boutiques, restaurants and access new customers worldwide.


Display key webpages, info and promotions

Embed your existing social media channels and other relevant web pages into your Kanova group so customers can access your vital business information – all in one central location, instantly.


Events & happenings

Easily organize ticketed and non-ticketed events using our Events feature. Track RSVPs through our management system. Build community amongst your members.

Fully customized group pages

However great or intimate your network, we will help you build a beautiful, tailored group to serve your diverse organizational and member needs. It only takes minutes to get you started.

No Tech Skills Needed

It only takes minutes to establish your organization (your Kanova “group”), integrate your existing content, set up and promote events. Follow simple do-it-yourself instructions or ask our talented team to help create your group page.

Group & content manager

Use the Kanova wizard to create your group, customize features and publish your group when you are happy with it.

Seamless communications

Communicate with members via our chat box. Form multiple chat groups around relevant topics. Send updates, pictures and files.

Easy onboarding

QR codes to access content including social media channels, events calendar, booking engines, directories and member profiles.

Leverage Kanova’s suite of features to fully customize your group experience 


Member Profiles

Personal members pages so like minded individuals in your group can connect and collaborate.



Post photos, videos, docs, and communicate and collaborate as a group!


Support Local Causes

Raise funds for causes and members your organization cares about leveraging our fundraising tech.



Share recommendations of your favorite local spots, and help new members get settled.


Control Visibility

Open your group to the public or keep it private and invite only - you decide.


Feature Development

Missing app features? Our award-winning team will custom develop them for you in no time.


Admin Updates

Alert your members about important updates and last minute community happenings.


Global Community

Join a global network of hotels, airbnbs, coworking spaces, restaurants and boutiques, and gain new members.


Zoom & Google Hangouts

Embed your preferred meeting platforms and meet online, socialize and work together.



Manage recurring or one-time membership fees. Allow members to pay for tickets or split bills.



Promote events, sell tickets, and track sign-ups. Build community amongst your members.


Embed Webpages and Social Media

Embed your social media pages, booking engines and other web pages into your group in minutes.

How Our Customers Are Using Kanova

Cowork BCN

Cowork BCN manages eight coworking spaces across Barcelona. Paying members have access to each location, private and shared offices, and an assortment of weekly social and networking events. Currently communications take place through almost 50 “organized” WhatsApp group chats, leaving members struggling to keep up with updates, and overwhelmed.

Using our platform, management and members expressed relief. The BCN staff is able to centralize and communicate important information, and members are able to join select, relevant groups and access membership directories — ultimately leading to increased collaboration, interaction and new connections.  

SU Alumni Professional Club 

Kanova is helping a European business school maintain alumni relationships, and foster collaboration and networking amongst the 1000+ members, spread out in over 70 countries. Before Kanova, interactions were taking place on Whatsapp, Facebook and Linkedin groups plus dozens of email invitations to dinners, lectures and reunions.

Now, all events are on the platform with easy RSVPs, each member has a profile page so everyone can keep in touch, and the university has a dedicated page with class and students news. 

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