Do you need to raise money for yourself, a friend or a loved one? In this article, we will help you understand personal fundraising, motivations for starting a campaign, and the far-reaching benefits.

We also offer a seven-step guide to help you utilize Karelane to reach your personal fundraising goals.

What is Personal Fundraising?

Personal fundraising allows individuals to ask for donations from friends, family, and even the public. Individuals can create a personal fundraising campaign, share their page, and accept donations online.

Who uses Personal Fundraising?

Anyone can create a fundraising page to raise money for oneself, or another in need. People – all over the world – create fundraising pages to help cover medical bills, emergency needs, living expenses due to unforeseen employment, and so much more.

Why does Personal Fundraising Work?

Individuals are empowered to share their stories and ask for help. Social sharing leads to awareness and encourages communities, close and far, to support someone facing hardship.

A direct link exists between the total number of social shares and the overall amount people raise. Studies have shown that when an online fundraising campaign is shared, donations increase by approximately 440%, a whopping amount. When a page is shared by oneself, and a supporter, the total amount donated increases again by an average of 110%.

Reasons to Start a Personal Fundraising Campaign

Creating a fundraiser for a loved one or community member is a meaningful, potentially powerful step to take. You may consider creating a fundraiser to help cover costs related to the following topics, to name a few. The possibilities are endless, and the results, priceless.

  • Medical Treatment
  • Tuition
  • Accident
  • Elder Care
  • Trauma
  • Job Loss
  • Natural Disaster
  • Emotional Support

Benefits of Personal Fundraising

1. Raise Funds Quickly

Setting up a personal fundraiser and crowdfunding campaign is quick and easy. You can raise money as soon as the campaign goes live. When actively promoted to your friends, family, and through social media, your fundraiser has the potential to reach a wide network and even go viral. If raising funds in a timely manner is important, creating a personal fundraising page is the best way to start.

The hardest donation to secure may be the first, but your contributions will grow exponentially as your reach expands. Don’t be discouraged. People want to help, but you need to convey your issue, and simply ask.

2. Spread Awareness

You have the opportunity to share your story, inform and educate people about an important cause or situation tied to yourself or another individual. The more people know about your fundraiser, the more likely you are to reach your goal and get the needed support.

Raising awareness can also encourage others that it’s okay – and a smart idea – to ask for help. One should not suffer alone. Sharing your fundraiser is essential.

3. Unite Communities

Personal fundraising brings communities together to unite and fight for an individual. Friends and families can support a personal fundraising campaign by contributing or sharing the cause with their networks. When an individual milestone or goal is met, the community of supporters will celebrate with the individual and feel accomplished knowing they were a part of the success, no matter how small.

Studies have shown that co-existing in a strong, engaged community, online and offline, leads to increased optimism, a better quality of life, and even affects survival rates of individuals battling serious illness.

4. Empower Individuals

An individual does not need to accept defeat. Individuals have complete control over their goals, and can utilize a personal fundraiser to regain strength.

You have the ability to personalize a fundraising page, share updates, and communicate with their supporters to build a caring community. Again, a strong, engaged community is essential for one’s wellbeing.

How to use Karelane for Personal Fundraising – Seven Steps:

You may wish to ask for help, but still need guidance. We offer seven clear steps to help build your campaign on Karelane.

Determine your Personal Goal

Ask yourself: why am I raising money and what is my fundraising goal? Ensure your reason for starting a campaign is persuasive and sincere. No goal is too insignificant or lofty.

Sign Up

In order to utilize Karelane’s fundraising function, you need to sign up. It’s free. Karelane only removes standard credit card processing fees from each donation. 

If you have not yet downloaded Karelane, please visit the app store, and create an account today.

Create a Kare

  • Add a Title – brief but informative, a snapshot of your Kare.
  • Decide if your Kare visibility is Private or Public. Private Kares are closed groups and only visible to invited members. Public Kares are displayed and anyone can request access, and participate. If you wish to share on social media and fundraise from members outside of your personal network, create a Public Kare.
  • Determine if your Kare Type is Individual or Community. For a personal fundraiser, select Individual. Community Kares benefit a greater cause or group.
  • Write a compelling description so people understand why you are raising money. Consider telling your story in an emotionally connecting way. Explain why they should donate and invest. Why is your need important or special? Be direct with your call to action – to prompt donations.
  • Add a cover photo. Be creative, or add a photo of yourself, or the individual you are raising money for.

Add a Fundraiser

It’s time to add a fundraiser to your Kare. Here, you will again draft a Title and Description further elaborating on your Kare narrative. Feel free to make special notes, for example: “All donations go directly to the beneficiary,” or “Donations of $50 are hugely appreciated, but any amount you can spare is more than welcome.”

Set your fundraising target goal, and if desired, a fundraising deadline. Your fundraiser may last one month, or one year, depending on how immediate your needs are.

Share your Campaign

Now, share your campaign! Leverage the power of your family and friends. Sharing your campaign lets people know it exists and makes it easy for them to access your page and donate. Your campaign should be posted to your social media accounts, asking your peers to contribute. If your connections cannot donate, encourage them to share your page with their network.

At the end of this step, your campaign should be posted to your social accounts, and personally sent to your connections via email.

Update your Personal Fundraiser

Your work does not end yet. Keep your supporters updated on significant milestones, and continue sharing, and resharing. When you update your campaign, it stays relevant in people’s minds, and more prospective supporters will continue to learn about your cause.

Thank your Supporters

Thanking your supporters for their donations is critical. Try to stay on top of thanking individuals directly after they donate, as well as at the end of the campaign. Consider highlighting major donors on social media and sending personalized thank you letters or emails.

We hope you find our tips helpful. Asking for help may be hard, but we encourage you to embark on a personal fundraising campaign. You or your loved one will be relieved and grateful.

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