Helping Dad With Dementia

Larry notices his father becoming more forgetful. A trip to the doctor’s office confirms his suspicions.

His dad has dementia, probably stemming from a traumatic head injury some years ago.

There is no way Larry can deal with all this new responsibility on his own, especially since he lives 40 miles away.

He also has a very taxing job that requires him to travel frequently.

So, he has a heartfelt conversation with his sisters. They decide to set up a Kare for their dad.

Small tasks at first. The sisters handle the shopping, set up visitation schedules, organize housekeepers and hire a dog walker to take out the dog, while Larry drives in every Saturday to do the gardening.

They keep their Kare private. Just the family.

The app lets them shift responsibilities around to suit their schedules. They can also share updates amongst the family through the app.

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